Words of realness from the face of our SS16 campaign, Jaz Wasson


What part of your body do you love the most?

– I like my nails! They’re long and strong, which I inherited from my mother. But in general, I think it’s important to be grateful for your entire body. Too many people hate the vehicle that keeps them alive, walking, talking, feeling and thinking. Your body works hard for you – appreciate it!

How do you dress to feel at your best?

– I love effortless glamour. Life is too short to underdress or to spend hours getting ready. The Esse Vie collection is perfect for this as it’s full of statement pieces that can be dressed up or down for day-to-night chic. Dresses and tailoring are also my go-to’s when I want to be comfortable but also look smart. 

What’s your favourite piece from the Esse Vie collection?

– I adore the Off-The-Shoulder Bandeau Top It’s simple and sexy, yet demure. 


How do you stay fit and healthy?

– Numbers aren’t my thing, so I don’t count calories. I’m vegetarian and my general rule of thumb is that I can eat as many natural foods as I want, but processed foods only in moderation. I enjoy yoga, and running: music on, world off! 


What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

– Reality TV! Sheer mindless entertainment. 


Who’s in your squad?

– My squad comprises of lifelong friends who are more like sisters. They’re the girls I can always rely on whether I need a belly laugh, shoulder to cry on or a word of advice. True 360 degree friendship. 


What are you doing when you’re being 100% you?

– I’m in my element when surrounded by friends dancing to a throbbing bass line. Alternatively, I’d be sipping a cold drink on a hot beach. Or both simultaneously! 

At Esse Vie, we’re big fans of realness: what does that mean to you?

– Keeping your integrity. Not compromising what you believe in. Maintaining perspective on what’s important in life.